The Overlook House

I'm baaaack. I am not a loyal blogger, more like that scamp who romps into blog town for a bit of fun and then disappears for months or years at a time. But I have enough attachment to this corner of cyberspace that I hang onto it, dropping bits of my life into it here and there. It's something I've been thinking about spending more time with... we'll see. This post may be just another party night with regrets in the morning.

A lot has been a-changin' in my world. After five years of farm life (did I even blog about that? yeah, we bought a farm, did the farm thing, and now we are selling it), we are moving on to city life. We've been browsing houses for a year. OK, make that two years. Maybe three. Hubby and I, we didn't know where we would go. I love some space and beauty and peace around me. He would like the convenience of assisted living. Nothing was ever just right for the both of us.

Then one day, we got an offer for the farm, we booked a house shopping expedition with a real estate agent, and we set out in earnest to find a home. We poured over listings online and made our short list. It's a CRAZY housing market, you have to act fast to get anything desirable and priced well. The night before our excursion, late in the evening, a new listing popped up. Hmmmm. One level ranch! Big basement! 1/2 acre lot! Overlooks big greenspace! Quiet mature neighborhood, lovely garden, close to city fun. This one ticked all the boxes, and we added it to the itinerary.

We walked in the door during an open house, looked at each other, and said, yep, this is it. And, after a few days of gnawing on fingernails, we had it under contract!

The Overlook House is a 1957 ranch, which we purchased from it's 93 year old original owner who built it. It is a time capsule. It is a classic vintage ranch with deep eaves, ribbon windows, and mahogany woodwork. It also has 60 year old baseboard heat, drafty aluminum windows, and galvanized and cast iron plumbing.

We are now the proud owners of this gem, and promptly tore into it with hammer and pry bar. It's going to be a project, but it's going to be a beauty!

I'll share our journey along the way (maybe? we'll see). Starting with, of course, before pictures!

Oh, and that farm? Turns out it's still available, darn it. It's going to be sold again soon, so if you've been longing for a horse farm, you'd better come buy it!


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