Whew. I'm still here. Wow was that a busy go round. We finally got the sale on our farm completed on September 27, we MOVED, and we are, mostly, settled into the Overlook house. If you don't count a basement full of boxes (Hubby - Where does this go? Me - Ummmm, put it in the basement.). It's on the list...

I have some updates to share, but there are a few oldies that are so lovely they are definitely staying. One of them is the ceiling light in the foyer. I just love this light. There is another light down the hall that has been replaced with an ugly HD globe thingy, so I've been scouring the interwebs for a light that will look nice with this, and they just don't measure up. The other lights have either been replaced or they are still there but were not very nice in the first place. This one makes me swoon a little every time I come in the door!

Even with all the projects around here that need my attention, I am loving the time and energy I finally have for the things I want to be doing. I just returned from a week in beautiful Hawaii with my hubby, I am riding my horse almost every day, and I am spending some great time painting. Yep... painting.

The last year and a half I have felt just blasted out of the water with daunting projects, change and stress. I had so little time and even less energy to work on personal projects. Photography wasn't fitting into my life, which left me frustrated and resentful. I started doing some paper arts and collage, which evolved into mixed media, which incorporated paints. Slowly my work evolved to be more and more paint, and less of everything else. I still like to include some other media... old papers collaged in, inks, pastels or whatever. But I've been obsessed with paints and colors. I have a lot of catching up to do but I will share that. And I have an exhibition scheduled for December! More on that to come, I'm both excited and very intimidated!


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